The Box at Penn State web experience will be upgraded on 25 October 2016!  As Box has developed more functionality in the last 18 months (Office Online integration, Single File Collaboration for Box Notes, Watermarking to name a few) and they needed to make some improvements to the Box web interface.

This change will hopefully make Box easier to use.  There are only a few new features; most of what will change is where you click to perform a certain function within Box.   All of the changes have been designed using analysis of data about how people are currently using Box functionality.

Note that this only applies to the Box ‘web application’, or ‘webapp’ that is accessed through an Internet browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. The other Box applications (e.g. Box Sync/Box Edit/Mobile apps) will not change as part of this project.

To view details on how the new Box interface will look and perform, click this link to open a list of the changes.


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