Box at Penn State

Box at Penn State offers secure, content-rich, and user-friendly content sharing. Box allows content to be stored online, so it can be accessed, managed, and shared from anywhere. Access Box on mobile devices or seamlessly sync files to your laptop or desktop computer.

Collections enables you to create and name private groupings of content in your Box account, where you can organize files and folders that you own or share.   Click on the icon above to read more.
32GB File Size
Penn State users can now store files up to 32GB in Box.  Click on the "32" to the left for more details.
Box Feed
This new feature provides an alternate way of viewing your content in the Box Web app.  Feed uses machine learning to surface the most relevant content to the to of your feed.  Try it by clicking the "Feed" link in the left-hand navigation menu of your Box Web app or for more info, click the Feed icon to the left.
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