February Month in Review

The following updates were released:

Box Drive Beta v1.5.233, v1.6, v1.7

Box Drive 32-bit support for Windows 7 & 10

Box for Office v4.1.1219.0 , v4.2.1219.0

Rolling out in March

Box Notes Shared Links–users will be able to select either “can edit” or “can view” when generating shared links for their Box Notes.  Currently Box Notes can only be viewed when accessed via a shared link.  To read how this will work, click this link.

Box Drive GA–this tool, which allows users to view their Box content via a virtual directory on their computer, will become generally available in late March.  Since Penn State is part of Box’s public beta, all PSU Box users already have access to Box Drive.

Coming Soon (but no date announced yet)

Single File Collaboration–users will have the ability to invite collaborators on an individual file basis.  Currently files must be inside a folder in order to invite collaborators.

Access Stats Refresh–file access stats will have some more granular options added so users can get a better understanding of what is happening with their files, for instance “Edit” will be added to the current options, there will be a cleaner presentation and history will be included for the past year (currently limited to the most recent 50 events) .  In addition, users will be able to export access stats for files they own.  To see a preview, please click this link.

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