April Month in Review

The following updates were released and are now available:

Exportable Access Stats
Users can now export access stats in their accounts and get even more detailed information about a file.
Enhanced Sidebar with Favorites
The left sidebar of the Web App has been updatedto be even more personalized than ever, adding a full list of the user’s Favorites into the sidebar itself.  Also new: Drag and drop files and folders into the Favorites area of the sidebar.
Presence (Recent Activity) for all file types
Users (with the appropriate permissions) will now see avatars in the header of the Preview page whenever other users have recently previewed, edited, or commented on that file.  This was previously a feature of Box Notes; now it is available for all files.

Rolling out soon

Box Notes copy/paste enhancements
The copy/paste experience in Box Notes will be improved so users can more easily take these actions between Notes and other major apps such as Word, Excel, Outlook.
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