Box Drive is a desktop application that provides users a virtual drive with access to all of their Box content, whether that content is owned or has just been shared.  Box Drive gives users access to the exact same content as they see through the Box Web App.   Files are not copied to a user’s hard drive, rather they remain on Box until opened and edited.   Box Drive supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Obtaining Box Drive

  1. Login to your Box @ Penn State account
  2. Click on your avatar in the upper-right corner of any page in your Box account
  3. Click “Apps” on the drop-down menu which will take you to the page listing all Box apps
  4. Type “Box Drive” in the search field, then hit Enter.
  5. Click the Box Drive link.
  6. Select the appropriate version (Windows or Mac) and follow the prompts to install (Note: if you require admin credentials to install, please contact your local IT support).

Box Drive Capabilities

For those who prefer working from their computer’s interface, Box Drive provides a familiar (Windows Explorer or Mac Finder) interface to view all of your Box content.  Your Box Drive will appear alongside your C:, P:, or any other drive that you have access to.  Box Drive lets you perform familiar functions such as search, locking files, sharing or creating Box Notes from Drive.  Your Box files do not take up space on your hard drive, rather remain in the cloud until you wish to open them.  Of course, any edits you make will be saved directly back to Box.

Mark for Offline

You can also mark content for offline use; Box downloads this content to your device’s hard drive so you can work on it without being connected to the Internet. Drive automatically uploads the changes you made offline the next time you connect. (Unlike working with online files, marking content for offline use does take up hard drive space.)


Box recommends that Box Sync be removed from a computer before installing Box Drive.  Beginning with Box Drive v2.4, there will be an automatic Box Sync uninstaller included in Box Drive installer.


Box Drive Documentation

Box Drive web page

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