One feature available to Box users at no charge is a Non-Person account.  This is similar to departmental PASS space or departmental space on a unit’s local file server.  Faculty and staff can use these accounts to store files and collaborate with their co-workers.  The main advantage of this type of Box account is that files no longer need redistributed to other people when someone leaves the unit.  The co-owner of the Non-Person Account merely needs to remove the departing employee from collaboration on the account.  Files are “owned” by the Non-Person account.

There is no charge for Box Non-Person  accounts which can store an unlimited amount of data; the assigned co-owner(s) of the account can create, delete and share folders as they would for a personal account.

To find out more about Box or whether a Non-Person account is suitable for your unit, please contact

To request a Box Non-Person account, please fill out the request form found at this link.   For student groups, a faculty or staff advisor will need to make the request.

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