Box Sync is a feature that allows users to automatically sync files and folders between their Box account and their desktop.  Any changes made on the desktop will be automatically sync’d to a user’s Box account.  Box Sync supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Obtaining Box Sync

  1. Login to your Box @ Penn State account
  2. Click on your avatar in the upper-right corner of any page in your Box account
  3. Click “Apps” on the drop-down menu which will take you to the page listing all Box apps
  4. Type “Box Sync” in the search field
  5. Select the appropriate version (Windows or Mac) and follow the prompts to install (Note: if you require admin credentials to install, please contact your local IT support)

Sync’ing Folders

Box Sync does not sync by default. You must select which folders in your Box account that you wish to sync with your computer.

  1. Navigate to any folder in your Box account
  2. Click the “three dot” icon to the right of the folder name
  3. Hover your mouse over “More Actions”
  4. Click “Sync”

The folder and all of its contents will be sync’d to the Box Sync application on your computer.

Files/folders can also be dragged from any folder on your computer into the Box Sync application.  These will automatically be sync’d to the “Default Sync Folder” in your Box account, unless you drag them to a specific folder.

Rules for Using Box Sync

Folders containing Protected Health Information (PHI) may not be sync’d (using Box Sync or any other means) to your computer.  For complete rules on handling PHI, please see this page.

Recommendations for Using Box Sync

Best results will occur if these recommendations are followed.  Box Sync is a useful tool; however those who use only Box Sync will be missing out on the powerful collaborative features in their Box accounts.

Do use Box Sync

  • When you need to work offline
  • When you need to work frequently on a large file
  • To upload individual files from your desktop to your Box account

Do not use Box Sync

  • To keep a copy of the entire contents of your Box account on your desktop
  • To sync files to multiple computers
  • To sync very large numbers of files; Box recommends 10,000 or fewer files
  • To re-organize your folder structure.  Do this from within your Box account.
  • To sync folders to an external or network drive; Box Sync is most reliable when used on the local hard drive

For more information, check out these links:

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