It is possible to have both an Box account and a personal Box account.

If you will soon be leaving Penn State, you can use these instructions to move personal content to a personal Box account.  Note that, after leaving Penn State, when your Access Account is disabled you will lose access to your Box account.

If you have a Box account using a address and have content that you do not want to become part of your Penn State  enterprise-level Box account, follow the instructions listed below.

1) Move personal files out of an Box account into a personal Box account. (Use this procedure to move some files to a personal account.)

  1. Create a new free Box account using a personal email address by going to if needed.
    1. Click on the “Sign Up” link in the upper right.
    2. Select the “Individual Plans” tab
    3. Click the “Sign Up” button under the “Individual” column.
    4. Enter information and click “Continue.”
  2. Create a new Box folder in your Box account.
    1. From the “All Files” page of the account, click on the “New” button in the top right.
    2. From the sub-menu, click “Folder.”
  3. Invite a personal Box account as a collaborator.
    1. In the dialog box that opens from 2.2 above,
      -Folder Name: Something like “Shared with personal account.”
      -Invite people: Enter the name of the personal account.
      -Permission: Editor
      -Click “Create.”
  4. Move any content from an account into this new folder.
  5. Transfer the ownership of this new folder from an account to your personal account by following these directions.
  6. Log in to the personal account, navigate to the transferred folder, and remove the account as a collaborator.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk ( or 814-865-4357).

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